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Cultural Sites

Cascine Capri


The whole region has interesting rural architecture and buildings, with canals fed by springs and rivers, which have complemented the agricultural sector so well. The small canals create beautiful panoramas, with vegetation growing on their banks, they lend movement, colour and a deep feeling of peace and tranquillity. The courtyards in the many farmhouses still follow traditions and echo times gone by.

There are two Churches that make worthwhile stopping points, thanks to the beautiful frescoes and paintings they house. The Church of Cascine Gandini is dedicated to Santa Maria Nascente, while the Church in Cascine Capri is dedicated to the followers of Saint Antonio Abate, consecrated in 1557 by Leonardo Lana, the Bishop of Bida, falling under the Diocese of Piacenza.

Various examples of rural architecture can be seen in the Cascina Gandini and Capri districts, with the interesting “Purtegàde Gandine”, or rural porticoes, or the “Cascine Urtensie” with other noteworthy “Purtegàde” and the oven that was built for baking bread and offered a central meeting place for the community. In 1855 Count Carlo Premoli had them built in honour of his daughter Hortensia. A stone on the central column is still visible today.