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Cultural Sites

Cascine Gandini


History and architecture come together in the nearby district of Cascine Gandini, to tell of the story of the events that occurred in this area. On the 14 May 1509, the forces of King Louis XII of France and the army of Venice fought at the Battle of Agnadello.

Venice and France were fighting for domination of this area. Remembered as an extremely bloody confrontation with thousands of dead among the soldiers and the local populations, King Louis XII was victorious at the Battle of Agnadello, and in recognition of his victory and in thanks, he ordered the construction of a chapel dedicated to our Lady of Victory.

Today a fourteenth century fresco dedicated to King Louis XII can be seen near the Costa farm, in the small Church dedicated to the Madonna della Costa, the old oratory of Saint Mark.


Also worth a visit, is the Palazzo Premoli at Cascine Gandini, which was built in the middle of the seventeenth century, and is now called Palazzo Barbieri. The layout of the Palazzo is in a solid rectangle. Bishop Premoli died here in 1692, and is buried at the Pieve di San Martino. There is an elegant mix of noble and rural architecture to be admired.