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Palazzo Pignano, a special place

tmp1... you are in a special place where the past is within your reach, and where you can see how the Ancient Romans lived, you can come face to face with a man who lived in the Middle Ages and visit a Church built a thousand years ago on the site of another older Church.

This special place is Palazzo Pignano; a village located about 12 kilometres from Crema and 35 from Milan, in the countryside of the Crema region and the Po Valley. You can explore the Antiquarium, the Romanesque Pieve, the old 5th century Church, the remains of the Early Medieval village dating to between the 6th and 7th centuries A.D. as well as the archaeological excavations of the Late Roman villa, following in the footsteps of the archaeologists and scholars that have traced this adventure before you.

tmp2The archaeological site has been declared a "public interest" site. This means that the monuments at Palazzo Pignano are especially significant, and for this reason must be opened to the public and put on display. The archaeological site was therefore opened to the public in 2000, when some restoration work was done with the Antiquarium created in 2001 as a display centre showcasing the archaeological excavations.

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