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Cultural Sites


Springs have played a central role in the customs and everyday life of the people from Scannabue. The natural sparkling water of the "roggia del Fontanile" and the "Acquarossa" in very interesting surroundings are worth a short stop.  The farmyards and rural architecture is quite unique and beautiful, reminiscent of the importance given to agriculture by the old town

Records from a Notary Deed signed in 1343 in Crema read that“…Mr Predizino Benzon of Crema purchased arable land in the fields of the Palazzo at Scanabovi from Mr Giacomino Benzon for the price of 53.5 imperial pounds".

Besides enjoying the rural architecture, there is also the eighteenth century Villa Orieto Sangiovanni, formerly called Villa Benzoni, with its imposing double arched facade. The village is surrounded by the typical internal courtyards found in farmhouses. This is where the everyday life of the local residents was once conducted, and still continues today.

In 1818, the Church dedicated to Saint Giovanni Battista, which had been illustrated in a Venetian map from the XV century, was demolished and rebuilt in 1820 in its current neo-classic style. The bell-tower on the side is all that remains of the previous building. There are interesting frescoes to admire inside the Church.